May 16

Zac Lawless (new tumblr account)

Just set up Zac Lawless with a tumblr account. I love this layout and ability to add audio tracks from his new album on here. We’re set to launch his new redesigned website in 7 days. Check out his blog.

Computerlove - Contemporary Creative Culture

Two Cats In A Sack: Designer-Developer Discord - Smashing Magazine -

Love SMASHING MAGAZINE. Great place for inspirational and resourceful articles

May 14

WEB DESIGN: Shanna Moakler 2.0

The AMAZING and wonderful Shanna Moakler. She has been a client of mine for a long time now. From her personal site ( to her cosmetics line (SMOAK), she’s been using me for design now for around 3-4 years. We first made her personal site very minimal and more like a hub for her social networking. For the new redesign we’re going 100% all information on her. Nothing but Shanna.  Just started putting a few layout comps together and there’s going to be a ton of information so I am really excited about the project. Looking to launch by mid June2011


Just finished finalizing a very sleek and clean layout with James Buttery the owner of UK Marine Carpentry.  Next step of the process: building this beauty. Looking to launched in 3-4 weeks.